Development Progress: Smart Timelock Wallet Contract

Capacity to work as a normal wallet

Capacity to extend the lock time

Capacity to release the tokens

  • Partial release to extract a specific amount of tokens
  • Release all of the tokens that the Smart Lockable wallet holds.


  • Only one release time can be set per token address.
  • If someone sends tokens to a smart wallet that is owned by another user it will lose these tokens and the owner of the smart wallet will have the capacity to retrieve them when the lock gets open.
  • There is no way to emergency unlock the tokens or reduce lock time. This is made intentionally to avoid that someone uses our system to scam users and make fraud.
  • The tokens inside the Smart Lockable Wallet are property of the owner of the Smart Lockable Wallet, nobody can withdraw them.


  • Liquidity Pool tokens locked 1 year until Thursday, June 17, 2021
  • Dev Wallet tokens locked 6 months until Saturday, January 1, 2022
  • Marketing Wallet tokens locked 3 months until Friday, October 1, 2021




The (in + de) flationary, that rewards holders to make them fly!

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Eagle Fly

Eagle Fly

The (in + de) flationary, that rewards holders to make them fly!

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